Looking for talent: UNIX System Administrator

Innologica is looking for a UNIX System Administrator to join our team.

As we grow we are facing more and more operational challenges to keep our infrastructure healthly. We currently operate more than 20 servers hosted in a collocation center in Sofia. We have more than 25 Terabytes of data growing every day. We use MySQL and Elasticsearch for databases and LAMP Stack for our applications. Our team is passionate and we have ambitions to become the biggest content distribution platform in the world. To achieve this, we are looking for a new hire who will help us keep our data safe, our services at optimal performance and our downtime minimal.

What we offer:

  • Compact, skilled and effective friendly team with experience of making successful IT business.
  • A chance to have significant impact on new projects that make a change.
  • The latest technology that gives you all the power you’ll need.
  • Quiet, very comfortable and productive office environment.
  • Competitive salary.

What responsibilities you’ll have:

  • Configure Linux servers and network switches.
  • Change hardware components when needed.
  • Monitor the health and security of our applications, servers and hardware.
  • Monitor the backups of our application and database servers.
  • React on incidents with the infrastructure. Apply quick fixes for service restoration and advice on long-term solutions.
  • Configure and secure networks between sites.

What skills we are looking for:

  • Proficiency in Linux server administration.
  • TCP/IP networking, Configuration of firewalls, VPNs.
  • Managing of Apache and NGINX servers (VHosts, SSL Certificates, .htaccess files).
  • Good communication skills.
  • Category B driving license.

What will impress us more:

  • Deep knowledge of Linux tuning for different workloads. Preferably RHEL/CentOS.
  • Experience with virtualization (KVM).
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, etc.).
  • Experience with CloudFlare DDoS protection.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch administration.
  • Experience with Magento administration and optimization.
  • Experience with large (1TB+) MySQL databases.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP/Perl/Bash scripting

We expect your CVs at