About Innologica

Innologica is a quickly growing Bulgarian company, founded in 2013 by the creators of Megalan Network. Just a couple of years after its start, the company is already transcending the local borders and making an impact on a global scale. The team has significant experience and is focused on ICT services. On the other hand, we’re always eager to venture into new territories and deliver interesting products to a mass user base.

We work on enterprise IT solutions for the Telecom sector – Business and Operational Support Systems, including CRM, Billing, Monitoring, Provisioning and Workforce Management. Although our primary focus is set on the Telecom industry, the same services would be ideal for competitive and dynamic sectors, as well as highly data-dependant businesses.

In addition to our enterprise solutions, we’re developing the content reading platform Inoreader that won 3 Bulgarian Web Awards in 2015 and is among the top performers in this niche for many markets from Western Europe and the US to the fastest growing segments in Eastern Asia. Inoreader helps users save time and boost their productivity by delivering news straight to them right when they are published.

Our team is compact, as we value efficiency and we promote high achievers. The company offers a quiet and comfortable working environment, where team members are able to focus on their projects and work side by side with other experienced professionals. We believe that the opinion of every team member matters and even our new recruits have a chance to shape the development of projects if they show a passion and drive to excel in their field.

Innologica is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, showing that we are truly invested in understanding our clients needs and working with them to deliver high quality solutions, whilst continuously reviewing and improving the way we work.