Today’s world puts a lot of strain on high scale data-driven businesses. Industries become more dynamic, customers become more demanding, and business dependencies become more complex. This is why Innologica specializes in solutions that are agile and efficient, helping companies navigate everyday operations with ease. We provide OSS and BSS consulting, implementation, support and integration services – everything needed to meet the requirements of customers and help in achieving their long-term goals. Instead of working with out of the box solutions, we maintain maximum flexibility by varying approaches depending on your specific needs and requests.

To help you leverage the power of big data, we can offer a wide range of practices:

  • Telecommunication and ICT Operations and Management solutions:
    • Operations Support Systems (OSS)
    • Business Support Systems (BSS)
    • Device and Warehouse Management
    • Network and IT Management
    • Self-service and Business Intelligence
  • System Integration services:
    • Planning and Consulting
    • End-to-end solutions delivery
    • Support and Maintenance

Using our solutions, you will be able to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and superior customer support, with a detailed centralized view of your core network and services, eliminating siloing of service processes.
When implementing an all-encompassing platform, you will be able to manage your business operations components efficiently and rely on end-to-end service monitoring in order to delight customers and increase retention.
Innologica’s solutions are built primarily to help Telecom, Online and Cloud businesses, but they can also be employed in large scale operations for other industries.