Inoreader is a content reading platform that leverages the power of RSS to help you discover, read and share the best on the web. We’re calling it a content reader as it goes beyond the traditional use of RSS and lets you follow not only news and blog posts, but also social media feeds, keyword searches and much more.

Inoreader won 3 Bulgarian Web Awards 2015 and is among the top performers in this niche for many markets from Western Europe and the US to the fastest growing segments in Eastern Asia. The Inoreader platform already has millions of users all over the world. The web-based platform is complemented by mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, so that users can keep up with their content on the go and sync their unread content between many devices.

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Main Inoreader features:

Discover, share and read the best on the web.
Inoreader is not just another RSS reader – it’s a vibrant community of content curators. Your next favorite piece of content is just around the corner and you’re sure to find it with Discovery mode, user-generated subscription bundles or broadcasting channels.

Save time with automation.
You can now beat information overload once and for all – and spend more time enjoying quality content. With Rules, you can automatically tag and organize articles as they come in.

Search and read unlimited subscriptions for free.
All the news and content you desire are right at your fingertips. Inoreader gives you unlimited subscriptions for free, and our powerful search is also free by default – as it very well should be!

Never miss an article with a full RSS archive.
Forget about limited time archives – all your content is safe with us for viewing later, so you can access that long forgotten blog post you liked so much whenever you feel like it.

Get access to all the features you’ll need straight away.
You can try out Inoreader’s arsenal of power user features straight after signing up. If you require more freedom, you can always upgrade to one of our flexible plans.


Inoreader is available for web, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.