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Your engineers are the front-line of your company. And they are mobile, very mobile. They need to know where they’re going next, scheduled or unscheduled. And stay in sync with the office, no matter where they are. When they get to the next location, they need the right information to get the job done.

When your engineers are successful, your customers and business are successful.

And since your engineers are mobile, you need a solution that’s mobile.

Insight Field seamlessly connects your engineers with your back-office in real-time. Now you can deliver a better service and grow revenue by getting more out of your most important assets – your technicians! Enable dispatchers to recognize when a job is finished ahead of schedule and assign a new job. Once a job is scheduled or changed, it appears instantly on Insight Field as a notification. Your engineers will never miss a schedule change. No calls needed!

With Insight Field, your engineers have complete customer details, service history, task information and all needed materials – all information fitting in one pocket and available on the go.

No more back-office calls to perform checks! Inside Field gives your technicians access to troubleshooting tools on the field, like checking the connection to the customer devices and even the network and physical topology, so they can pinpoint the problem by all by themselves.

Stop pushing paper and start working smarter with Insight Field!


What can Insight Field do for your business?

Here’s a compiled list of all features that will make your engineers more productive, your customers happier and your business healthier:

  • Reduce back-office calls to a minimum
  • Equip your engineers with a powerful mobile solution they need
  • Remove all paperwork that needs to be processed after engineers’ shifts
  • Increase customer satisfaction by faster installation, better communication and rapid troubleshooting
  • Integrate with your current workflow solutions, so your back-office doesn’t need to learn and use yet another system

List of all features of Insight Field

  • List of daily schedule for the signed-in user based on his group
  • Details for each job including agreed time, customer information (name, location, contacts), contract information, materials needed, customer devices, PIN codes for activation
  • Troubleshooting tools for customer devices – instantly see if a device is active or inactive, start diagnostics (ping, arping, etc.), see the device on a topology map
  • Directly call customer from the app
  • Report used materials for the job
  • Mark job as finished
  • Integration possibility with other workflow systems

Roadmap 2016

  • Take photo proofs with server-generated timestamp to prove the completion of a job
  • Offline functionality so technicians can check their schedule even without a data connection on the field
  • Activate CPEs during installations by simply scanning the barcode on the box
  • Electronic signing of documents

In action

insight field screenshots

insight field screenshots