Proofy is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that verifies user’s photos and proves the exact time when a picture was taken. Verifying a picture with Proofy is easy – users just need to install the app, snap a picture with it and wait a few seconds for the photo to pass the verification process.

Proofy verifies the photos the moment they’re created, as it is most reliable to check the shot right at the source. The app algorithm stores the photo certificate and when the user decides to share their picture, the shot is checked against the original information. If all is fine, the shot is uploaded to the website with a unique URL for future reference. In this way the photo can easily be viewed by anyone the author decides to share it with.

The applications can vary greatly depending on the user’s needs – documenting an important event or accident, bragging about meeting a celebrity, showing that a task was completed on time. The developers also believe Proofy can play an important role in citizen journalism when documenting public events, as well as when presenting proofs to insurance companies.