Yordan Yordanov

General Manager

So far, I have some 13 years of experience in IT with an expert specialization in OSS (Operations Support Systems) solutions – convergent systems that provide monitoring and management of telecom networks and services, as well as environment analysis (temperature, humidity, power supply availability in active networks, etc.)

During my work for companies like Megalan Network, Online Direct and Mobiltel, I have acquired extensive experience in the whole range of processes and services of the Telecom industry, from network design and implementation to end-user support and monitoring.

In 2013 I founded Innologica Ltd. with the mission of developing modern Next Generation OSS and BSS solutions, and the goal of reaching more massive segments of the online services market. Since then I have also developed skills in High-Performance MySQL, Web Scalability, Sharding, Elasticsearch and other technologies we use in our content reading platform Inoreader, which already stores more than 10TB of data in massive MySQL and Elasticsearch clusters and has hundreds of thousands of users which go to Inoreader for their daily news.

Of course, life isn’t just a career. I try to reach the perfect work-life balance (which is hard for any one person). I spend my free time with my family and kids – we go to the park or play together. I like watching movies, especially Sci-Fi related to human missions in deep space. My true hobby is mountain biking. I love the freedom this sport can give you, the clean air, positive people and the dynamics of fast tracks. In the end of the day you go home covered in mud and thorns, but wearing a big smile.